Live Videos

Tintal solo excerpt w Rattan Bhamrah:

Sitarist Subrata De, Canadian High Commission, Delhi:

House concert, Kolkata:

Jhaptal and Chartal ki Sawari rehearsal with Jonathan Kay, set to the last 27 min of the Delhi to Kolkara Rajdhani Express:

Live in-studio with Justin Gray, bass veena:

Chartal Ki Sawari solo with Chris Hale:

Live at Kamasutra with suba Sankaran (tabla solo mix):

Chartal ki Sawari solo live in concert with full band accompaniment (Autorickshaw):

30 min Jhaptal solo:
 Chris Hale and Ed Hanley: live in studio (3 videos)


Rupak Kaida:
'Ten Talas to a Disco Beat: Jhaptal' Live with video:
Jhaptal Solo, Part 1:

Jhaptal Solo, Part 2:

Jhaptal Solo, Part 3:

Jhaptal Solo, Part 4:

Jhaptal Solo, Part 5:

Tabla Solo, tintal (Excerpt):

Tabla solo (Excerpt 2):

an old video from a Youtube channel i don't have access to anymore:

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  1. Ed you are amazing! Keep up the awesome work. Love your website and your playing is truly wonderful.
    Das (Brisbane-43 year old tabla student-High School Teacher)