Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Video? Video!

Hi all,
No lame excuses for my long absence (though I have been in India).

Just a brief post with a short video excerpt from my tabla solo concert this past Sunday.

This is a fairly well known kaida:

Interesting, because it kinda breaks the super strict 'no bols that aren't in the theme' rule, though it's such a ubiquitous and lovely composition, and a fine example of how the rules can be bent for the sake of creativity, inspiration and flow.

I was fortunate to have Rattan Bhamrah accompanying me for what turned out to be a 90 minute solo in a rare musical instrument museum and store called Musideum, right here in Toronto. If you can, please go. It's simultaneously a playground and a temple of music...beautiful space.

More from this concert soon...


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