Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bass Veena and Tabla demos

Hi folks,

Quick post with a pair of demo videos I made recently with bass veena player Justin Gray.
What's bass veena you ask? Crossbreed a Rudra Veena and a fretless bass and there you have it. No sympathetic strings, but there's a Swarmandal on board, and a pair of chikari strings, so it has a very cool hybrid sound. You might remember the bass veena from this 12-minute festival of weirdness here.

Not much to say except it's fun to make these super-short demos, but challenging as well...from alap to final tihai in 4-5 minutes is hard! O.o...but, with the abysmally short attention spans of most people* today, a demo video longer than about 4 minutes is simply not going to get watched. I will post a concert video as soon as we capture a good one.

The first video is in Raga Kedar, and has a short alap, a gat in vilambit tintal, and a 2nd gat in drut tintal. There's a one-cycle kaida in the vilambit: hellogoodbye!

The 2nd is in Raga Charukesi, and dives straight into a madhya laya tintal gat, followed by a gat in drut tintal. I play a kathak paran to finish the madhya laya section: Kttk tun tun nateteTa...

Justin would like to thank his Guruji Shantanu Bhattacharyya, and I am always very grateful to all of my teachers over the years. This artform is pretty much impossible without expert guidance.

Thanks for watching!

*present company excluded...if you're reading a tabla blog, you probably have not only abnormally-long attention spans, but pathological levels of patience as well. :)

PS I shot a video of Justin talking about the bass veena at the Cycles project in March...perhaps I should dig that out of the ol' harddrive...hmm. Soon.

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