Monday, May 19, 2014

Short tintal solo & concert announcements

I played a short (~25 min) tabla solo yesterday in Toronto (well, Brampton) at the Hindustani Sangeet Society's "Music Fest 2014 - Showcasing the Gwalior Gharana" gig.

(video re-upped w better audio... board mix comes in at 1:42. Thanks to Hardeep Chana for the board mix)

That's the amazing and intuitive Rattan Bhamrah on esraj, playing a lehara in Misra Maand.

The organizer, Vinayak Phatak specifically requested that I play tabla that I learned from Pt. Suresh Talwalkar. I also accompanied Vinayak-ji on his vocal performance, playing the unusual talas Jhoomra and Tilwada.

Nothing new here, repertoire-wise...all three of these pieces have appeared on this blog before.
Tisra kaida in the Subrata De video:
and the final kaida in my stop-motion video:

I played a couple more pieces, but they're not ready for primetime yet...


I have a tabla solo concert coming up on July 8th at Musideum where I'll take another stab at them. I'm planning 4 talas at this show: rupak, jhaptal, chartal ki sawari and tintal. Let's see if that all fits in my mouth O.o

On July 29th I'm bringing together a dream team for another gig at Musideum:
Suba Sankaran (voice), Chris Hale (sitar), Justin Gray (bass veena) and I will be presenting an evening of Indian classical music and not-exactly-Indian-classical music.

Here's a playlist of duets I've done with these 3 stellar musicians separately. I can't WAIT to bring them together.

ok, all for now, thanks for reading/watching/listening!

pic from the gig yesterday, by Manraj Singh Pannu

Packed for the gig: have baby powder, will travel.

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