Sunday, January 10, 2010

DhagenaDha terekite

A kaida-rela in tintal (16 beats). I learned this in a workshop with Swapan Chaudhuri years ago. It's fairly short, but the sur strokes are a nice touch, and very Swapanji.

<a href="">DhagenaDha terekite by Tala-Wallah</a>

A kaida-rela, by the way, is a composition that has a kaida-like structure, but has strokes that resemble a rela (fast & flowing). Interestingly, the usual khali-bhari clues, ThunNaKeNa and DhinNaGeNa are not present here, but takeTa- and tageDha- serve the same purpose. I'm assuming it's Lucknow gharana*.

The sruthi is D, and the lehara is a fairly common one in raga Chandrakauns (courtesy iLehra app).

*Gharana: lit. 'house' or school, akin to style

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