Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dha-kre DhatiDhagena

10 beats to ring in 2010!

The first formal post of this project.

This is a Punjab kaida in Jhaptal (10 beats) that I got from a friend who had the pleasure of taking a workshop with Zakir Hussain in New York (!!!). There are a couple small tihais to start, and the recording finishes with a Farukhabad thukra I learned from Subhajyoti Guha.

The lehara is played on a 5 string electric mandolin. I don't have weekly access to a Sarangi player, so electric mandolin will have to do. Lehara courtesy iLehra app.

<a href="">Dha-kre DhatiDhagena by Tala-Wallah</a>