Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pair of tintal micro-performances

Hello again.

Quick post with a quick video.

First off, props to Romancha Pralapa for coining the term 'micro-performance' in the YT comments. Love it. Totally stealing it. Romancha's Youtube channel is a rich source of vitamin T, including a lot of educational stuff. Thums Up!

what's for dinner? a thali of different font sizes!
This is a sort-of promo video for a series of concerts Autorickshaw co-founder Suba Sankaran and I are doing at Kamasutra Indian Restaurant in Toronto. Nice place, great food, and cool owners who really want live music to be a part of the vibe. A restaurant isn't necessarily the ideal place to gig, but, it does have a stage and PA, plus it's a totally low pressure vessel for us to cook up new music, new arrangements and try risky stuff, which is always good.

Ok, so...what have we here.

The first thing I play is a bit of a wild improv ride on the bol:

Dha - tete gherenage gherenage terekite
Dha - tete gherenage Thun - na - kerenake

but eventually I make it into the following Farukhabad Kaida:

Dha - tete gherenage gherenage tet - - -
Dha - Dha - gherenage thun - na - kerenake

which I hadn't played in forever, hence almost derailing at one point.

That 'Tet - - -' really needs to pop out to make this one work. Tet!!!!

mmmm....garlic gharana....
All kinar, but I sometimes play the 'na' in the first 'gherenage' on sur. I think it was accidentally ergonomic originally, but now I like the sound of it.

This (w italic'd 'na' on sur):

Dha - tete gherenage gherenage
Dha - tete gherenage gherenage
Dha - tete gherenage

is a fav bol of mine.

Next up we have the classic Lucknow rela:

TakaDherenage TakaDherenage Dherenage
TeteTete GheGhetete Gherenage DheneTage

I could work on this forever and never ever get it to sound as good as Pt Swapan Chaudhuri's version.

Oh, and TeteTete GheGhetete Gherenage Dhenetage? AWESOME PRACTICE BOL. Run it 108 times x 108 times and you'll be a happy camper. Getting bored? make sure you can really hear the 'dhene' open sound. Feel the burn. Great baya practice. Especially the all closed version:

TeteTete KeKeTete Kerenake Thenetake

This was the first gig of the series, and we're ramping up to adding a small keyboard (for basslines and leharas) as well as, eventually, live looping with Abelton Live.

Here's the other mini-promo video, featuring a Tamil Folk song and a pair of south Indian classical pieces (detailed info in the Youtube description):

Songs avail here:
ok, all for now!
tata dinginatoms

PS: from this evening's post-gig trip to Gerrard Street (aka Little India) in Toronto.
a friend thought that said 'Rowdy Bathrobe', which is a pretty great band name, no?


  1. Nice videos, lovely playing and singing! Bol question: How does one play Dherenage in the Lucknow rela? A bit too quick for me to catch what you're doing there. Also, are you playing on sur for gherenage in that composition?

    Thanks for the videos and awesome blog

    1. Thanks Mr Dub!
      Dherenage is the same as Dhenetage. Dhin (open ie tun w RH, ghe w LH), ne (muted ring finger), ta (sur) ge (1 finger).

      and yes, the na in gherenage in that comp is on sur.


    2. Sweetness! Please get hip to this immediately for the good of all:

      Warm regards

  2. The sense of humour is as good as the tabla playing ... thali of different font sizes ... garlic naa ... rowdy bathrobe ... ha!!!