Monday, June 3, 2013

Tisra Triputa Tala, Saraswati & Autorickshaw concert, Fri June 7

Hello again

ain't this a pretty poster?
I don't usually post gigs on here, but I'm excited about this one for a couple reasons:
1. Autorickshaw hasn't been playing a lot of late
2. there's no drumkit on this gig, so tabla gets to step out

BUT! Never comes an  Autorickshaw tune with a tabla solo in it...

But first, concert info:

Fri June 7, 8PM
Autorickshaw at Bohemian Palace
240 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto
$10 at the door

Suba Sankaran-voice
Ed Hanley-tabla
Dylan Bell-bass
Justin Abedin-guitar
fb event:

OK, since it's at a Yoga Studio, I think a Saraswati Slokam is somewhat appropriate (watch carefully at 4:00 for a surprise!):

Song available on iTunes and here:

Based on a Sanskrit slokam (prayer), this piece is an invocation to Saraswati, Hindu goddess of art, learning and creative inspiration. The notes used in the slokam were inspired by the three-tone Vedic Samika chant, the vocal improvisations based in the raga Megh, and the piece is set to an unusual 7-beat rhythmic cycle, tisra triputa tala.

yeah, the designer went to should see the booklet!
Saraswati Namasthubyam
Varade Kaama Roopini
Vidya-rambam Karishyaami
Sidhir Bhavatu Mey Sadaa

Padma Patra Visalakshi
Padma Kesara Varnini
Nityam Padmaalayam Devi
Samaam Pathu Saraswati

Suba Sankaran-voice
Ed Hanley-tabla, big cymbals, jingle shaker
Rich Brown-bass
Debashis Sinha-multikit, bass drum
Kevin Fox, Tom Lillington-bass voices

from Four Higher, released 16 June 2004

So... that kaida I play in the middle:

Dha - Tetekredhete Dha Tetekredhete
Dha terekitetaketerekite DhatiDhagena Thunnakena

Which is an adaptation of a Tintal composition I learned from Pt Anindo Chatterjee (put a Dhinnagena at the end of that first line, and bingo, Tintal...)

Ok, all for now. I hope any Toronto folks will come out to the show (feel free to share!), and be sure to hook up on Facebook, Twitter on join the email list (Feedburner form on the right).


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