I teach, both in person, and online. 
Workshop in Aurangabad

In Person
If you're close to Toronto, Canada, please get in touch. I do one-on-one classes. 

I teach through Skype (or iChat). There is a time lag, so we can't play in unison, but it works quite well.

Either way, drop me a line. Contact on the right side of the blog.

Requests for compositions
From time to time I get emails from people asking for a certain Kaida, a complete transcription of a Kaida, or in one case, 'where can I download notes for all 52 Kaidas?' O_o

Here's the deal:
There must be a will!!

I will teach anything on this blog to you, but you really cannot learn tabla from a book (or email).

The notation and language is different for everyone. There are specific strokes that need to be coherent, fingerings, musicality etc etc.

So, get in touch, let me know what you want to learn, how long you've been playing, and if possible send me a video or audio clip so I have a sense of your experience.

I will send you the theme of a Kaida, if it's not already posted, but it sure would be nice if you showed some love, and bought a track, or album in return. They are all Pay What You Want, minimum $1 for a track, $10 for the Tintal album. 

Then….we should have a Skype class so I can see if you're playing the Kaida correctly. Only then can we really move forwards, and get into variations.

I think that's reasonable. 

Learning the straps in Mrdangam Tabla Shop in Calcutta,
sometime in the early 90s


  1. This is one of the wonderful blogs that I have come across. The tutor has come up with an idea "pay what you want". This clearly speaks about his dedication to teach to his students. I have gone through all the videos posted. He is really amazing. I would really love to be a student of such dedicated and efficient teacher.

    1. I am a tabla master residing in Malaysia. I think your idea of exchanging music with donation is great. Not many tutors out there are willing to teach an art for a donation basis. Keep in touch. My email is vicknes.tabla@gmail.com.

  2. Please record some lessons and put them up on the blog or youtube maybe....that could help..
    nothing fance but basic exercises for all to improve technique...

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  4. playing tabla is really tough to learn but proper training can make it easy.