Remote Recording / Remixing

Need tabla on your tracks? Need a tabla remix of a track? Of COURSE you do!

Drop me a line at ed (at) ed-hanley (dot) com

Here's what I have gear and instrument-wise:

Sennheiser 421 -dynamic, my go-to mic for Baya
Audix D4 -dynamic, also fantastic on Baya…little hyped in the bottom end, but sometimes that's appropriate. The whole 'uncolored, pristine recordings' thing is overrated IMHO. If it has the sound you want, use it
Audio Technica AE5100 -condenser
Audio Technica 3035 -large diaphram condenser
Karma Audio K10s (matched pair) -condensers

Universal Audio DCS Remote Pre

Apogee Duet

Logic 9. I've been using Logic for years. Since the days of Logic 3.5 in Mac OS 8. I know the software better than most of the trainers at the Apple store.


Tabla. Lots of tabla. Any pitch is fine (within reason), though you should keep in mind that lower drums (say below A) down't cut very well in more contemporary music. From a low (pakhawaj style) D to an E one-and-a-bit octaves above that.

I have 2 Udus-a Frank Giorgini uttar, and a Brazilian LP. They sound great in unison with a nice tabla groove. Talk about thick!

Shakers etc:
A whole tickle trunks of sounds.

I also have a lot of experience custom programming percussion/drum parts on Logic.


I'm available to do remixes, with or without added tabla.

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